⚠ This page and any other pages attached to it are, for the most part, NOT very mobile friendly. I am currently working on it, and im sorry to any mobile users who have to see this wreck. ⚠

I made this site to display and store all my goblin stuff so when mfs ask about him they dont trigger a 3 hour unskippable infodump cutscene.

you can also check out my comic page where i post dumb skits and stuff featuring norman!

I made this site to contain info about all kinds of norMEN usin some pretty cool resources i found (and will link in a section of this page) and also googling "how do i add image html" 3 normillion times. ballin' for normin' knows no bounds

If you want to see my random shit first hand, go check out my baller ass instagram art page which is probably how you got on this page, but im plugging it anyway.

this page is nowhere near finished. even the sections that look done like the gallery have nowhere near all of my images and drawings on there, i just put enough on there to make the site usable while i work on other pages.

Most of the content on this
page is rated teen or above
for mild violence, mild crude humor,
and sometimes nudity. any page
rated above this will have a
rating on its hyperlink and at
the top of it's page. safe travels!

the images used to depict ratings have all been taken from Scumsuck's goblinhole souvenir shop (i know i use a lot of tempural stuff, but i take a lot of inspiration from those goblin archives, i cant help it!)